Parties Caucus Revives Liaison Committee

Sentrim Hotel; Elementaita -Navasha, Kenya; 30 May 2016:

Leaders from registered Political Parties today met at Sentrim Hotel in Elementaita and resolved to revive Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) in preparation for the 2017 General Elections. Members also resolved to work on a joint strategy to revamp the committees. The Committee has played a significant role in the last general election. It helped identify gaps and shortcoming in the electoral law and process and adopt a consultative and pro-active approach in making suggestions for improvement to all stakeholders.

PPLC is established under the Political Parties Act 2011, to provide a platform for dialogue between the Registrar, Electoral Commission and Political Parties. It was formed following discussions between IIEC, Registrar of Political Parties and all the 47 registered political parties in 2009, and the adoption of Nakuru Resolutions in March 2010. Launching of the Liaison Committees was concluded on 21st October, 2010 with Nairobi Region being the last to be launched. To date, PPLC exists at the National and County levels.


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Leaders from Political Parties at Sentrim Hotel, Elementaita Naivasha

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