ORPP unveils Kenya’s Political Educational Source Book and assorted parties’ Agents training resources

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP)  on July 19, 2022 launched the one of its kind Kenya’s Political Educational Source Book and a cache of other election political parties Agents  training manuals at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi. The manuals included; Election Agents’ Manual, 2022 edition, Quick Guide for Party/Candidates Agents and Checklist for Election Agents  that was developed with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF).

hsf launch

In the launch, officiated by the Chief Justice Emeritus, Prof. Githu Muigai, provided an opportunity for stakeholders to receive highlights of the publications and interrogate  ORPP’s  9th August, 2022 election plan and its preparedness.

Varied speakers and stakeholders in the forum commended  coming to being of the publications  and recognizable efforts that ORPP had made in supporting political parties and targeted Special Interest Groups to actively participate in the 2022 polls. “We seek to sensitize and educate, political actors, its members and Kenyans on the roles of political parties, candidates and political party members so as to demystify proclivities surrounding political parties  and political parties. This book has synthesized entire Kenyan political landscape political, political party registration and regulation processes as well life-wellness topics to guide persons in politics including managing political outcomes”, said the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu.

The Registrar further noted that the Source Book was modeled to promoting issue-based politics and strengthen political parties as institutions of democratic governance in Kenya.

The Chief Guest Prof. Githu Muigai noted that the county has made tremendous progress in managing political parties and conducting elections and therefore there is need to exercise tolerance and consultations by all political party actors and stakeholders. This protects the gains and credibility to progress management institutions created in this.

“I am privileged to join you in the launch of Kenya’s Political Educational Source Book and other Agents manuals because this is one of the ways to continue the struggle of strengthening political parties. I call on Kenyans  especially the youth to support our institutions to continue building the political system in our country,” said the former Chief Justice.


Former Chief Justice,  Prof. Githu Muigai addresses the guests during the launch

While highlighting in the covered areas in the Source book, Assistant Registrar, Ali Surraw, said that the Source Book was a very detailed and critical source of information that has been standardized to address diverse issues related to political parties and strategies for effective participation in the Political and electoral process. 

Key focus areas in the Source Books include legal framework governing political and Electoral processes, registration of political parties, membership of Political Parties, political party organization and management, political parties Fund administration, political party coalitions and mergers, political party primaries and nominations, management of political party conflicts; appropriate response to  political and election outcomes among others.

hsf launch2

L to R; The Chief Guest , Prof. Githu Muigai, Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu, C.B.S., a section of ORPP officials, political parties representatives and invited guests participates the launch of the publications at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

The Agents training materials seek to provide a common reference and information source for Agents across the levels from national to polling station agents. This seeks to equip them with necessary grasp of their roles and responsibilities, legal framework as well as election activities.

The launch came just days to the ORPP-led training of Presidential Chief Party Candidates Chief Agents  and subsequent country-wide parties’ Agents sensitizationheld between 23rd to 30th July, 2022.



Cover look of the publications launched, used for Agents training and disseminated during a countrywide training of party Agents

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