Msajili kukaa katika timu kuu ya sekta nyingi ili kufungua swali la usawa wa kijinsia

The Registrar of Political Parties Ms. Ann Nderitu CBS has been appointed into the Multi-Sectoral Working Group on the realization of the two-thirds gender principle, through a gazette notice vol. cxxv No. 182 of 15th August 2023 by Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Aisha Jumwa, Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action. The first consultative meeting held on 28th August, 2023 was aimed at deliberating on a roadmap for achieving the two-third gender rule. In her submission, the Registrar called for more varied stakeholder engagements and lobbying during the process in order to achieve its set objective.

The Principal Secretary Ministry of Public Service Gender and Affirmative Action, Veronica M. Nduva called the members to commit themselves to the process by using their institutions to enhance awareness through the civic engagement of the two-third gender rule.

Registrar to sit in apex multi-sector team to unlock gender parity question
Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu CBS addresses participants at a consultative meeting of a multi-sectoral group on two-thirds gender rule

The task force is expected to review and analyze previous proposals on the implementation of the two-thirds gender rule, conduct comparative studies on the best practices in other jurisdictions towards achieving gender equality, develop and recommend a framework for the implementation of the same, conduct stakeholder engagements and public participation on the proposed framework and to mobilize resources towards achieving the objective of the group among others.

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