Staff honored in role of service delivery as Office marks International Customer Service Week

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) on 3rd October commemorated the 2022 Customer Service, held a reflection session at the headquarters and a section of regional offices.


Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu and CPA Florence Birya with a section of staff lead in cutting a cake to celebrate staff contribution to service delivery in the 4th floor boardroom, headquarters

Running ORPP-contextual theme, was in appreciation of staff commitment to quality service delivery and dedication to exceptional service during the electioneering period. The session was marked by sharing confectionaries, flowers (show of love and appreciation in service) and holding a moment of reflection in which the top Management and staff shared milestones in customer experience and identifying areas for improvement.

Speaking during the session to ORPP’s staff at the headquarters boardroom , Registrar of Political
Parties Ann Nderitu thanked the staff for their unwavering contribution to the Office, especially during the electoral cycle activities, which had them work beyond the call of duty and the set timelines. She commended the staff for their passion to serve the country in their respective areas of designations and posting that boosted on the Office’s corporate identity.

“ Not withstanding your cadre, you hold your respective positions in trust of the citizens, therefore, you should utilize this rare opportunity to leave a mark in your role so that you set structures that outlives you”, said the Registrar.

She further noted the need to strive to build a model institution that stands out as a benchmark and sets itself apart.


Registrar of Political Parties makes her remarks using rose flowers bouquet as a symbolic gesture to acknowledge exemplary performance staff especially in the electioneering period

“Our focus should be on establishing and sustaining institutions that runs effectively and serves beyond its statutory obligation,” advised.
The Registrar also took the opportunity to remind ORPP staff for strict adherence to the Office’s Service Delivery Charter service commitments and timelines in offering services as well as observing the Staff Code of Conduct. She urged for coordination between departments to ensure a seamless flow of activities and address gaps in customer service on sharing of information and response time to customers.

On her part, the Assistant Registrar CPA Florence Birya noted that serving in ORPP in various capacities was indeed a privileged opportunity and staff need to embrace it and give the service expected of them, because every customer deserves good service.


Assistant Registrar of Political Parties, CPA Florence Birya speaking during the forum

“We have as an Office proven over time our quality od service that has made a name for ORPP brand nationally and continentally. This is demonstrated in the relationship built with our customers, the standards of service and policies that govern our culture. Together we can set the bar even higher- ‘Mgemema akisifiwa asitie tembo maji’,” analogized, the Assistant Registrar. Staff who spoke accorded dedication exhibited by all staff. “We have done well in service our customers and we can only do better, noted Josephat Nyongesa of ICT with Jacqueline Kosgei of Human Resources Management appreciating holding such an internal reflection meeting to take stock of the institutional service model with a view to celebrate internal just as external customers.

Such commemorations were concurrently held in some ORPP regional offices. In Mombasa, staff lead by Regional Coordinator Ezekiel Obonyo hosted team for cut-sharing and lunch meeting while in Kisumu and Nakuru, regional heads, John Mwaura and Lucy Kemunto led their teams in sharing branded gift hampers with stakeholders neighboring their office blocks.



L: ORPP Mombasa region team share a cake with staff and some stakeholders to mark the customer service week on 3rd October 2022

R: ORPP Nakuru Office gifted clients on commemoration of customer service week 

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