More Political Parties to Benefit from Parties’ Fund as ORPP Holds a Briefing Meeting

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Nearly 50 political parties that participated in the August 9, 2022 General Election are set to benefit from the Political Parties Fund (PPF)  as opposed to only two parties that were entitled to the funding from the Exchequer in the previous election. The PPF is established under section 23 of the Political Parties Act, 2011 (PPA) and operationalized through the Political Parties (Funding) Regulations, 2017.

The expanded criteria is courtesy of amendment to the Act through the Political Parties (Amendment) Act, 2022 that set out qualification threshold and criteria for distribution of the Fund under section 24 of the PPA. Section 25(1) of the PPA provides for the distribution of the PPF as follows;

  • 70  per cent of the Fund proportionately by reference to the total number of votes secured by each political party in the preceding general election
  • 15 per cent of the Fund proportionately to political parties based on the number of candidates of the political party from special interest groups elected in the preceding general election
  • 10  per cent of the Fund proportionately to political parties based on the total number of representatives from the political party elected in the preceding general election
  • 5 per cent for the administration expenses of the Fund

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The ORPP on 21st September, 2022 in Nairobi held a consultative meeting to apprise fully registered political parties of the legal requirements, proposed Office disbursement measures including the formulae  as well as build consensus on outstanding matters of the Fund.

Speaking during the meeting, Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu acknowledged parties that participated in the political and electoral process which presented an opportunity for the citizens to exercise their political rights and also contribute in the democratic governance of their country.

“All parties qualifying for the Fund must be accountable for their allocation and use it for purposes compatible with democratic principles as prescribed in the Political Parties Act, 2011. We expect accountability, transparency and prudent utilization of the funds by the beneficiaries,” said the Registrar.

Political party players in the consultative meetings welcomed the amendments to the PPA  Act that saw a review on the formula on fund administration and distribution. Players appreciated the move to have more political parties benefit from the Political Parties Fund (PPF). This would enhance actualization of party programmes in representation , promoting policies, undertaking civic education on democracy and electoral process as well as affording the citizens active participation in political process as stipulated in the purposes of the Fund under Section 26 of the PPA. Some parties  recommended the need for a further review of the law to  ensure for equal gain of the Fund. This they noted would complement their strained financial position.

The Fund Regulations clearly outlines structures including requirements for bank accounts for eligible, submission of authorized signatories, publication in the Kenya Gazette of parties qualifying with their allocation among other stipulated procedures. These precedes application by the qualifying parties that are assessed to meet the provisions of PPA by the Registrar before eventual disbursement.  

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Assistant Registrar, Ali A. Surraw (standing) speaking during the meeting

Section 24 of the PPA provides the sources of PPF as “such funds not being less 0.3% of all the national government’s share of revenue as divided by the annual Division of Revenue 

Act enacted pursuant to Article 218 of the Constitution as may be determined by the National Assembly and contributions and donations to the Fund from any other lawful source. 

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