A wealth of information pack at ORPP’s Resource Centre: A focus on Kindle resources

The Resource Centre has in stock a wide range of information resources in varied formats. Besides the physical resource collection, the ORPP Resource Centre (RC) has acquired Kindle books from Amazon. These are available via Internet or may be read on any reader. The RC currently has two readers that are borrowable for two weeks, at any given time. The Office’s decision to acquire the eBooks was informed by current trends, but most importantly, to serve the diverse needs of all users irrespective of their location. On the platform, authorized readers (those with credentials i.e. username and password) can access, presently available 77 titles is the right within policy terms and conditions of RC use.

Advantages of Kindle eBooks:

There are lots of gains in using Kindle eBooks. Some of them are as discussed below:

Resource Centre user with Kindle Reader
Mr. Victor Nyabuto, ORPP Accounts Department reads material in the Resource Centre on Kindle Reader

Convenience: It is easier and more convenient to carry Kindle books on your mobile device or eReader.

Dictionary: The dictionary feature is especially worthwhile. To use, put your cursor in front of a word and you can immediately see that word’s definition. This is a great way to increase your vocabulary.

Translations: If you come across a word or sentence in a different language, you can translate it instantly.

Electronic markers: Instead of using a pen and messing up your book, on an eReader you can highlight certain areas; passages, take notes, and bookmark pages.                                                             


Kindle eBooks
A select titles available on Kindle

Adjustable light function: The brightness of the Kindle Reader screen is adjustable – from amber, and light to dark modes. If using the Reader, you can read in the middle of the night, without turning on the light.

Customizable font size and style: You can increase the font size and style, as desired.

Search function: Allows you to easily search book

Paperless: Like other digital resources, reading eBooks means you save trees

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