Parties called to leverage on technology, amid Covid 19 outbreak

Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; December 21, 2020.

Today, in Nairobi, Registrar Ann Nderitu witnessed the launch of the draft “Protocols for Conducting Political Activities in the Covid-19 Context” developed by Centre for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD)- Kenya.

The Registrar underscored the political parties’ responsibility in upholding the Political Parties’ Code of Conduct in all their undertakings as spelt out under first Schedule of Political Parties Act, 2011. Ann Nderitu called on parties to leverage on appropriate technologies in their activities in the wake of Covid-19. She further noted that the ORPP will continue supporting progressive initiatives such the Protocol being launched.

rpp at launch of draft protocols

Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu, making her remarks during the launch

The draft protocol is a guideline to political parties in managing their offices and giving service to their members while observing the Ministry of Health (MoH’s) Coronavirus stipulations. It highlights delineated roles of political parties’ leaders, audience and measures that each should take and adhere to in order to mitigate the contraction or spread of the virus. “It is important that political parties lead by example in the fight against the pandemic by relaying verified information and ensuring measures and guidelines that have been put in place by MoH are observed”, said the CMD Chair Sen. Abshiro Halake during the launch, while addressing the media during the launch. The protocol will be subjected to stakeholder deliberations and necessary approvals before roll-out.

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