Support the political parties, Registrar call to Kenyans

The Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu has urged for support of political parties by their members and general citizenry. She noted that members in political parties as key stakeholders, have an obligation to embrace and appropriately contribute in building registered political parties as vehicles of governance. Members should also question their parties to ensure they are on course and live up to their foundational philosophies.

In a press interview with Kenya Television Network (KTN) in her Office on 26th May, 2021, the Registrar underscored the need to upscale the structured engagement between political parties and members as well as general public for full realization of political rights as enshrined in Article 38 and related provisions of Constitution of Kenya, 2010. “Political parties play a critical role as vehicle for citizenry to exercise diverse rights in promotion of democracy. This can be realized if the members in political parties and citizens embrace and champion the ideals of parties they subscribe to”, noted the Registrar. She further dissuaded Kenyans to detach from ‘personality politics’ in which some political followers fanatically follow given political figures rather than focus on building political parties as institutions of governance. “I urge political parties to ensure they have structures as required in law for members to actively participate in undertakings of their parties as they aspire to form government or complement the sitting government”.

At ORPP, we continue to re-engineer our business processes by adopting responsive and appropriate technologies for better service delivery. At present, ORPP is improving the Integrated Political Parties Management System (IPPMS) for instance, soon to be rolled out access of some modules of IPPMS through E- citizen platform where designated service will be available at convenience of the citizens”, Registrar informed.


Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu with KTN’s Patrick Amimo (left) and crew during the interview session at the Registrar’s office.

The Registrar during the interview also delved into a raft of other topical matters including legal reforms; political realignments and formations; ideology  for political parties; funding of political parties, party primaries among other issues. Ms.  Nderitu noted that the country needs to appreciate the strides made in political arena in promotion of democracy. “Looking at our country’s democracy that has been for about 6 decades and a looking at a decade of multi-party democracy, we ought to be proud of the milestones of our growing democracy in imprinting the ideologies of parties compared to other democracies of many centuries for instance, those of western jurisdictions”, she observed.  This notwithstanding, she added that ORPP plays a central role in shaping ideologies of aspiring political parties as they are required to present to a panel for interrogation as part of provisional registration process.

In addressing the question coalitions, the country was guided that political formations in form of coalitions and mergers should be seen in good light as mechanisms for inclusivity and embracing diversity. “In the last 3 general elections, we have seen various political formations that despite some challenges have largely expanded inclusivity across demographics”, Registrar guided. A caution was further given that the cooperating parties should strictly adhere to coalition agreements duly executed and deposited with the Registrar in order to mitigate conflict and for the larger good of the electorates.

Strict fidelity to the Political Parties Code of Conduct in 1st schedule to the Political Parties Act (PPA), 2011 was underscored. “In line with this Code, central responsibility lies with the parties in ensuring that indiscipline party officials and members are dealt with in accordance with their respective parties’ constitutions. Matters of party primaries were also elucidated. The Registrar called on parties to ensure that there is credibility in their conduct of party primaries in line with the law to inspire confidence of members and members of the public.

Malpractices witnessed in a primaries in run up to the recently held by-elections, must be addressed by relevant party structures as ORPP as guided. The Registrar on 27th May 2021 featured in another interview with TV-47 where related issues were clarified.


Registrar in an interview with TV 47

The KTN’s interview was aired on 29th May, 2021 during its 9 o’clock prime time news. The detailed version is anticipated to be included in the television’s special feature for the Madaraka day commemorations.

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