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The Constitution, Political Parties Act, 2011; Elections Act, 2011; Internal Constitution/rules of a political party are the primary laws that govern the conduct and management of political parties.

Article 91 of the Constitution provides the compliance standards that must be adhered to by political parties at all times.

In undertaking ensuring compliance, the Office assesses the following compliance parameters.

  1. Review of political party constitutions and rules;
  2. Inspection of political party head and county offices;
  3. Assess membership requirements;
  4. Review of constitutive statutory documents to guarantee ethnic representation and inclusion of the special interest groups in the governing organs of the political parties;
  5. Statutory NDC/NGC meetings and Party elections;
  6. Financial reporting
  7. Conduct regular and impromptu compliance audits to ascertain compliance status and issue advisories on the findings to the political parties on a quarterly basis
  8. Oversee process of effecting changes by political parties to ensure that the procedures stipulated in the respective party constitutions and the PPA are adhered to
  9. In support for strengthening political parties as institutions of governance and enhance compliance, the Office carries out capacity building for political parties’ members, party organs, election agents and other targeted Special Interest Groups.

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