First coalition political party registered in new law

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party is now a fully registered political party comprising of 26 fully registered political parties according to its coalition agreement deposited and evaluated. The party was issued by the Registrar of Political Parties a certificate of full registration signed by the Registrar on 21st April, 2022.This follows ORPP’s assessment of its deposited coalition agreement and found compliant with provisions of section 10 of Political Parties Act, 2011 and Political Parties (Registration) Regulations, 2019.“ Upon receiving of the coalition agreement and documents specified…, the Registrar shall scrutinize the documents deposited and if satisfied that the coalition agreement is in accordance with the PPA and the party constitutions or rules, issue a letter confirming that the coalition has complied with the Act..” reads section 21 (2) of the Parties’ Registration Regulations.

Designated coalition officials deposited the coalition agreement within the timeline of 1st of April, 2022 during which the Registrar offered the requisite preliminary guidance in line with a pre-coalition checklist developed by ORPP and validated by political parties. The certification to the coalition grants the coalition party rights of a fully registered political parties including nomination of candidates for election under its name.

“The requirements for a coalition agreement are provided under the Third Schedule to the Political Parties Act, 2011. These include dispute resolution mechanisms, amendment of the coalition agreement and parameters of exiting or joining a coalition”, Registrar, Ann Nderitu on 7th May, 2022 guided the parties on the overall subject of making of coalition agreements.



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