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Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party is a registered coalition political party.

Constituent Parties Date of Notice Estado
1. Jubilee Party (JP)
14th April, 2022
2. Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
3. Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM)
4. Kenya African National Union (KANU)
5. National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)
6. National Rainbow Coalition- Kenya (NARC-KENYA)
7. Muungano Party (MP)
8. Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCCP)
9. Democratic Action Party-Kenya (DAP-K)
10. Devolution Empowerment Party (DEP)
Exited the coalition
11. United Party of Independent Alliance (UPIA)
12. United Democratic Movement (UDM)
13. United Progressive Alliance (UPA)
14. Pamoja African Alliance (PAA)
15. Kenya Union Party (KUP)
16. United Democratic Party (UDP)
17. Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG)
18. Kenya Reform Party (KRP)
19. Chama cha Uzalendo (CCU)
20. Party for Peace and Democracy (PPD)
21. National Liberal Party (NLP)
22. People’s Trust Party (PTP)
23. Ubuntu People’s Forum (UPF)
24. Party of National Unity (PNU)
26. Party for Growth and Prosperity (PGP)
Currently, the coalition party has 25 constituent parties. Devolution Empowerment Party (DEP) exited the Coalition Party effective from 4th May, 2023.

Taifa Democratic Coalition and Kenya Kwanza Alliance are registered coalitions


Constituent Parties Date of Application Date of Notice
Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA)
Founding member Parties
  1. United Democratic Alliance (UDA)
  2. Amani National Congress (ANC)
  3. Forum for the Restoration of Democracy- Kenya (FORD-K)
Parties admitted to the coalition by virtue of Article 24 of the coalition agreement: -
  1. Chama Cha Kazi (KAZI)
  2. Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)
  3. Devolution Party of Kenya (DPK)
  4. Economic Freedom Party (EFP)
  5. Farmers Party (FP)
  6. The Service Party (TSP)
  7. Tujibebe Wakenya Party (JIBEBE)
  8. Umoja na Maendeleo Party (UMP)
6th July, 2022
Post-Election member parties
  1. Democratic Party (DP)
  2. Grand Dream Democratic Party (GDDP)
  3. Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM)
  4. National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAP-K)
28th October, 2022


Coalition Constituent Parties Date of Notice
Taifa Democratic Coalition (TDC)
  1. Kenya National Congress (KNC)
  2. Kenya Social Congress (KSC)
  3. People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
7th September, 2022
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