Three parties given interim nod, urged to uphold founding philosophy

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,20,2019.

The tally for provisional registered political parties now stands at eleven (9) after three political parties on varied dates in August, 2019 were issued with certificates of provisional registration while one ready and on card to receive one.

The three political parties that receipted their certificates at the ORPP Office in the month were: Transformation National Alliance Party (TNAP), Democratic Action Party Kenya (DAP), and Pambazuko Alliance Party of Kenya (PAPK). 

The receipt of provisional registration signifies a start of journey, that obliges the political party to build required structures such as recruiting not fewer than one thousand (1000) registered voters in not less than twenty (24) counties), establish governance organs and required offices among other conditions. The conditions are to be met within the legally bound timeline of 180 days to full registration.

Preceding the issuance, the Office had thorough scrutiny of their respective ideologies and guided them accordingly. “Besides the clear work cut-out ahead as spelt out in the tenets of foundation, you have to live up to the expectations of your elaborate ideologies which we have discussed and agreed on”, Ann Nderitu, the Registrar urged while issuing the certificate to TNAP on August 2nd. “We are at all times keen to follow through to ensure all political parties fully comply with provisions of the Political Parties Act,” the Registrar added as a reiteration to the officials of the newly registered parties of their mandatory responsibility to ensure full adherence. On their part, the parties appreciated ORPP structured mechanisms of engaging political parties at different stages of registration, committing to adhere to the laid down requirements.

The presentation of the certificates was jointly coordinated by the Registrar’s Office, Compliance, ICT and Records with support of the Human Resources Management & Administration and Corporate Communication departments.


Mr. Joel Terer, (L) issues a provisional registration certificate to Pambazuko Alliance Party of Kenya, (PAP-k)


Ms. Dinah Liech (L) issues a provisional registration certificate to Democratic Action Party of Kenya


Records Management Officer, Mr. Saqib Kazungu, (L) oversees the signing of the provisional registration certificate, by the

                                                                                                              Transformation National Alliance Party of Kenya (TNAP) officials

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