Assistant Registrar of Political Parties in an exclusive radio interview about political parties

The discussion revolved around the mandate of ORPP, political parties finances and possibly foreign financing, the PPF annual allocation, distribution criteria and why some parties have recently complained of reduced amount from the original allocation for 2023/24. Other areas discussed were fraudulent membership registration and if there are still brief case parties in Kenya as well as whether the 24 minimum offices requirements being observed.

I took the opportunity to make necessary clarifications, informed Kenyans of the digital reforms to curb fraudulent registrations, continuous sensitisation

Assistant Registrar, CPA Florence Birya at Msenangu FM radio interview in Mombasa

efforts by ORPP, compliance enforcement and establishment of county offices targeting all the 47 counties in Kenya.

She called upon Kenyans to join political parties and actively participate in operational, programmatic and governance activities in their parties. She also urged  elected leaders to work closely with party officials towards strengthening the parties that sponsored them by giving back support financially, ideas, recruiting more members and forging unity through proper governance and leadership.

She concluded by informing members of the public around coastal region to visit and access ORPP services through the Mombasa office and the newly launched Kilifi county office in Malindi.

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