ORPP unveils four new offices to enhance grassroots service delivery and engagement

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) has established five additional offices in line with Article 6(3) of the Constitution. The new offices seek to ensure services are convenient and within reach of citizens in respective regions.

The Office launch featured guests and stakeholders including national government officials, county officials, and representatives of non-state groups. The inaugurated offices were in four counties of; Garissa (27th February), Malin-di (20th February), Laikipia (1st March) and Bungoma (12th March) county.

Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu, CBS, Dr (h.c) leads in the launch of ORPP Nyahururu office, located at GF Plaza, Nyahururu town

The launch was presided over by the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu, (Dr.), CBS, and graced by other guests including top county political parties’ officials as well as a segment of Special Interests Groups (SIGs) from diverse groups. On each occasion, the Registrar gave key addresses with a focus on active participation in political parties by all citizens, the need for respect for political opinion in society, the responsible role of party officials in executing party duties, the call for strict adherence to the Political Parties Code of Conduct. Stakeholders speaking at the events had accolades of ORPP’s milestones and were full of appreciation for setting up county offices that would efficiently offer services at the grassroots.

The Registrar and the Assistant Registrars also held pre-discussions with the county leadership of each county in courtesy calls before each of the launches. The key outcome of the discussions was the fostering of partnership with counties in political education and mechanisms for prompt consultations on matters regarding political parties particularly those that affect the conduct of business in County Assemblies. The top county leadership assured their unwavering support to ORPP in liaison with its county offices.

“We must celebrate our democracy by way of supporting political leaders and other leaders despite varied opinions. This must be the norm for this region and beyond as an ideal way of exercising political tolerance”, the Registrar appealed while in Nyahururu. “To the young people, you must fight our battles and count the battles and impact you have made for the country. We can only move forward with change and democracy. You should not be an accessory for any kind of political expediency such as being used for political violence”, Ann Nderitu cautioned.

Nyahururu-based Regional Coordinator, Charles Njagi gives his remarks during the Nyahururu office launch

“Our online platforms accord citizens convenience to digital-ly access and enjoy services at all locations”, briefed the Registrar.”I want to assure you that this office is ready to service you regardless of your background”, observed Charles Njagi, Laikipia/Nyandarua County Coordinator.




In Garissa region, The Registrar highlighted a raft of legal reform proposals including on parties membership to coalitions, nominations, and the use of technology. She also highlighted the Office’s digital reforms, measures to develop parties’ ideology guidelines, and data protection guidelines in the management of party records and data that ORPP is keen for parties to refer to. She appealed to all present to support women and give them a chance to attain their aspirations, especially in political pursuits.

“A recent report on Multi-Sectoral Working Group has laid apparent on proposals towards attaining 2/3 gender as Constitutionally required. I celebrate Garissa for leading in giving Special Interest Leadership opportunity to serve despite cultural and societal belief “, said the Registrar.
The call for the youth was to bring forth their voices as such would influence policy and the future of the next generation”, appealed Nderitu.

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