ORPP gives Notice to Parties on Compliance

By Ngala Joshua
Nairobi Kenya, Wednesday September 28, 2016

The Registrar of Political Parties has issued a notice to all political parties to amend their party constitutions and rules for compliance to the Political Parties Act.

The requirement is in line with provisions of the new Political Parties Act (Amendment) (No.2) of 2016. This law provides a roadmap for effective formation and management of political parties.

“All the provisionally and fully registered political parties shall amend their party constitutions and rules within three (3) months of issuance of this notice,” said Lucy Ndungu.

It therefore means that each political party must adhere to the two-third gender rule in its all structures such as organs, bodies and committees. The law provides that fully registered parties are required to forward their updated list of governing officials and persons authorized to sign on their behalf.

The Act envisages realization of gender equality in the formation, participation and management of political parties. Non compliance to the new law leads to deregistration. It consequently gives the Registrar powers to de-register a party if it contravenes the two-third gender requirement.

Parties also need to present to the Registrar, data disaggregated based on ‘special interest groups’ as women, youth, and people with disabilities. 

The law requires that a party membership must include people with special groups. The representation and participation of special interest groups is important in decision making organs. 

Political parties are equally required to incorporate in their rules, procedures on mergers and coalitions. This means that a political party is at free will to merge with another by either forming a new outfit or merging into an already registered party.

The law however cushions members of the merged parties to continue to serve in such elected office for the remainder of the term.

Other areas of compliance include procedure for changes to party particulars, internal party dispute resolution mechanism, and updated nomination rules for election of party officials, and nomination of candidates for elections.

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