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Section 24 of the Political Parties Act (PPA), 2011 establishes the Political Parties Fund to be administered by the Registrar. The Fund is to be distributed to eligible political parties based on legal criteria and only to be used for the purposes of the Fund as outlined under Section 26 of the PPA as well as accounted for in line with principles of prudential financial management. The main source of the Political Parties Fund is the National Government (0.3 % of National Revenue) with other recognized sources that may include: membership subscription fee, contributions and donations. 

Following the amendments to the Political Parties Act, 2022 (The Political Parties (Amendment) Act, 2022), the qualification threshold and criteria for distribution of the Fund have been reviewed as below:


Qualification & distribution of the Fund

A political party is not entitled to funding if;

  1. more than two thirds of its registered office bearers are of the same gender.
  2. the party does not have, in its governing body, representation of Special Interest Groups;
  3. the party does not have:
  • an elected Member of National Assembly;
  • an elected member of the Senate;
  • an elected Governor; or
  • an elected Member of County Assembly.


Criteria for distribution of Fund

The Fund shall be distributed as follows

  • 70% (seventy percent) of the Fund is distributed proportionately by reference to the total number of votes secured by each political party in the preceding general election;
  • 15% (fifteen percent) of the Fund proportionately to political parties qualified above, based on the number of candidates of the party from Special Interest Groups elected in the preceding general election
  • 10% (ten percent) of the Fund proportionately to political parties based on the total number of representatives from the political party elected in the preceding general election; and
  • 5% (five percent) of the fund is utilized by the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties for the administration expenses of the Fund.


Purpose of the Fund

Monies allocated to a registered political party or coalition political party shall be used for purposes compatible with democratic principles including:

  1. promoting the representation in Parliament and in the County Assemblies of women, persons with disabilities, youth, ethnic and other minorities and marginalized communities;
  2. promoting active participation by individual citizens in political life;
  3. covering the election expenses of the political party and the broadcasting of the policies of the party;
  4. conduct of civic education in democracy and other electoral processes;
  5. bringing the political party’s influence to bear on the shaping of public opinion;
  6. administrative expenses of the party which shall not be more than 30% of the monies allocated to the party.

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