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Regulation of Political Parties

Financial Administration
Political parties require financial resources to sustain and operate a basic party structure. Section 23 of the Act established the Political Parties Fund.  This is administered by the Registrar with the reason to ensure that funds are used prudently. The sources of funds for a political party are:

The goal of the Fund is to assist political parties to fulfill their roles in a democratic society, especially in non-election periods. It equally promotes accountability, transparency and fair competition between parties. This in essence is aimed to curb corrupt practices while promoting several constitutional and enshrined rights.
It includes such funding purposes as:

The Act provides for distribution of the fund, restriction of sources, disclosure and audit of the Fund.  The purposes for which the fund is to be utilized are set out in the Act and are identified simply as those compatible with democracy.

 Party Management

A party must have an organizational structure at national and county level with all relevant and elected party bodies and organs. The governing body must reflect regional and ethnic diversity and representation of minorities and marginalized groups. Not more than two-third of the members of the governing body are of the same gender. The party must demonstrate that members of the governing body meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and the laws relating to ethics.

It is therefore a requirement that every political party in Kenya must have a:

The party must have a clear management structure including roles and responsibilities and the procedures to be followed. To address potential conflicts in the party, it must have permanent dispute and conflict resolution mechanism. Among the documents required for a political party are:

Political party documents are fundamental for party institutionalizing, inclusive participation, education of party members and the public at large, accountability and transparency and responsible representation.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties may request copies of documents to be furnished upon request. Any person who interferes, damages or destroys any record or fails to furnish any document required commits an offence. A member of a political party may, during working hours and on payment of the prescribed fee, inspect and obtain copies of the records maintained at its head office or county office.

Therefore all political parties must have accurate and authentic records including:

County Office

For a party to be registered, it is required to open party county offices in at least half of the counties. More importantly, the office should be functional. Party county offices are there to provide the services of the party to its members and the public at large.

Among the many functions a party county office may provide are:

According to the Act, the minimum requirements are that the office is functioning, keeps the records and is available for party members and the public including providing copies of records upon request.


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