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The Political Parties Act, 2011 Sec (38) establishes Political Parties Liaison Committee at the National and County Level. The principal function of the Political Parties Liaison Committee is to provide a platform for dialogue between the Registrar, Electoral Commission and political parties. 

Office of the Registrar has sustained the structured-dialogue between political parties and Electoral Commission on issues relating to the electoral process in Kenya through various workshops. The formation of PPLC is one of the recommendations made by the Report of the Independent Review Commission (Kriegler Commission) on the General Elections held in Kenya on 27 December 2007.

Aims and Objectives of the Political Parties’ Liaison Committee
a) To champion and advocate for free, fair, peaceful and transparent electoral environment and processes in Kenya;

b) To provide a platform for structured  multi-party dialogue between Political Parties and the Electoral Management Body on issues relating to the organization and conduct of elections and the electoral environment generally;

c) To enhance genuine interaction, experience sharing and information exchange between political parties and the Electoral Management Body (EMB) as a way of building trust and confidence in the electoral process;

d) To identify gaps and shortcoming in the electoral law and process and adopt a consultative and pro-active approach in making suggestions for improvement;

e) To carry out any other objective as the Political Parties’ Liaison Committee shall deem necessary.

The Political Parties Liaison Committee was formed following discussions between IIEC, Registrar of Political Parties and all the 47 registered political parties in 2009, and the adoption of Nakuru Resolutions in March 2010. Launching of the Liaison Committees was concluded on 21st October, 2010 with Nairobi Region being the last to be launched.  To date, PPLC exists at the National and County levels.

Every political party on joining PPLC shall subscribe and agree to be bound by the Nakuru Resolution of 13th March 2010. Membership is open to all fully registered political parties.


Current  PPLC leadership 

In a meeting held on by the National Political Parties Liaison Committee at the Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha on 23rd to 25th June 2016, the following committees were formed under the NPPLC:

1. Finance Committee.
2. Legal and Dispute Resolution Committee.
3. Internal & External affairs committee.
4. Civic, Political Education, & Publicity committee.
5. Electoral Process Committee.
6. Audit & Compliance Committee.

The National Political Parties Liaison Committee (NPPLC) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS - 2019




Political Party


Evans Misati


Progressive Party Of Kenya


Jimmy Kuria

Vice Chairperson

Mzalendo Saba Saba (MSS)


Margaret Kamonya


Amani National Congress


Alice Ndirangu

Deputy Secretary

Agano Party


Julius Wambua


Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya


Koyoo Omondi

Deputy Org.Secretary

National Liberal Party


Nicodemus Bore


Jubilee Party


Gerson Owiti

Deputy Treasurer

Alternative Leadership Party of Kenya

The National Political Parties Liaison Sub - Committees (NPPLC's) - 2018

Sub - Committee




Finance, Budgeting and

Resource Mobilization


Reuben Liyala

Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)

Secretary general

Selah Opiyo

Mwangaza tu Party (MTP)  


Legal&Dispute Resolution Committee


Mike Oliewo

Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG)

Secretary general

Moses Gachugi

National Democratic Movement (NDM)


Internal and External Affairs Committee


Amisi Omukanda

Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)

Secretary general

Lydia Macharia

Grand Dream development Party (GDDP)


Civic,Political Education & Publicity Committee


John Wamangata



Secretary general

Sadja Phillipe

Chama  Cha Uzalendo (CCU)


ElectoralProcess Committee


Jimmy  Kuria

Mzalendo Saba Saba (MSS)

Secretary general

Andrew Njoroge 

Thirdway Alliance Kenya (TAK)

Audit & Compliance Committee


Eric Machanja

United Democratic Party (UDP)

Secretary general

Hepsibah Onyancha 

Roots Party Of Kenya (RPK)

Our Stakeholders