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by Ngala Joshua

Nairobi Kenya, Monday September 12, 2016.

Twelve political parties wound up to form Jubilee Party (JP).

The National Alliance (TNA), United Republican Party (URP), Grand National Union (GNU), The Independent Party (TIP), and Ford People held their National Delegates Conventions at Kasarani stadium on Thursday September 8, 2016 where they dissolved to pave way for merger with the Jubilee Party (JP).

The Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) held its Delegates Conference at the Bomas of Kenya on the same date at which members resolved to change the name to Jubilee Party (JP) in readiness for merger with the dissolved parties.

Other parties as United Democratic Forum (UDF), New Ford Kenya (NFK), Alliance Party of Kenya (APK), Republican Congress (RC), and Unity Party of Kenya (UPK) dissolved in meetings held at the Bomas of Kenya. Party of National Unity (PNU) however dissolved on Friday September 9, 2016 at Kasarani Stadium.

The Kasarani convention held on Saturday September 10, 2016 saw 11 dissolved political parties merge with the Jubilee Party (formerly Jubilee Alliance Party).

Members of the 12 political parties that merged are therefore deemed to be members of the Jubilee Party. Merger of political parties is provided for in the Political Parties (Amendment) Act, 2016

“The registration of the dissolved parties is therefore withdrawn and the certificates of registration canceled as required by the law”, said the Registrar of Political Parties, Lucy Ndungu.

The Registrar shall gazette the dissolution of the merged parties within seven days, from the day of merger, and issue a certificate of full registration to the Jubilee Party (JP). The Law requires that particulars of the merged and dissolved parties including their names, symbol, logo, slogan and colors shall be removed from the register of political parties and such particulars shall not be available for registration by any person as a political party in the subsequent election following the merger.

The law also provides that a member who is a President, Deputy President, Governor or Deputy Governor, Member of Parliament or member of a County Assembly, and who does not desire to be a member of the new political party registered after the merger shall continue to serve in such elected office for the remainder of the term.

That means such a member may write a letter of intent to join another political party or choose to be an independent member, to the Registrar within thirty days of the registration of Jubilee Party.


The following parties have merged to form Jubilee Party:

No. Political Party Abbreviation
1 The National Alliance TNA
United Republican Party URP
Grand National Union GNU
United Democratic Forum UDF
Alliance Party of Kenya APK
The Independent Party TIP
New Ford Kenya NFK
Ford People Ford People
Jubilee Alliance Party JAP
10  Unity Party of Kenya UPK
11  Republican Congress RC
12*  *Party of National Unity *PNU

     *The Political Parties Disputes Tribunal (PPDT) quashed the purported merger decision of Party of National Unity (PNU) to form Jubilee. PPDT made a ruling that the gazette notice that announced the           merger was null and void.