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By Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; October 16th,2020.

The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) on 14th October, 2020, visited Reli self-help group, in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums, Nairobi to share moments of hope and staff-volunteered donations. This was the Office call to action following a local media outlet; NTV’s feature on the group’s plight, aired at the height of Covid-19.

During the visit, the Office spent the day with the group, resident community-based organisations, local village leaders and on-ground government officials. The visit presented a rare opportunity for ORPP to share contextualised life skills talks, experiences as well as presenting assorted dry food items bought from the proceedings of staff voluntary contributions. Specific areas of focus of the talks centred on resource-pooling mechanisms to set up sustainable income-generating small scale ventures as well as guidance for the women to actively participate in political processes and general leadership roles.

The Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu  noted that the Office will continue to support such vulnerable groups as part of ORPP care for the less-privileged as underpinned in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Strategy. “We want to be that organisation that is connected with the society as is integral to our service delivery”, noted Ms. Nderitu.


A section of Reli women group along the railway line in Mukuru slums demonstrate washing used packing bags, which they subsequently sell to earn a meagre living at various markets in Nairobi.      

The visit was said to be just a beginning of ORPP’s outreach programmes for a wider reach. “We will be sharing appropriate opportunities to you and other vulnerable groups to uplift their well-being”, noted Robert Waithaka in his talk on the place of vulnerable special interest groups in leadership. The group was also taken through a captivating life skills talk detailing step by step individual and group empowerment practical practices based on personal experiences of the speakers. “You are able and capable of changing your lives and those of your generations. Besides seizing the opportunities highlighted, a culture of little savings and strategically pooling efforts into small scale businesses for each of your members would be appropriate move ahead as you expand your current undertaking and business approach”, further encouraged Veronicah Muasya of ORPP in her talk to the group titled, life skills; message of hope.

Local leaders including local chief, Lydia Kwamboka, public health official and local elders present, spoke well of a group destined to unshackle themselves from the yokes of poverty characterising the slum dwellings. “We are so glad that ORPP considered Mukuru’s Reli Women group as its help target. Indeed, we hope for a more sustained partnership with the Office that has done considerable well in its regulatory role in political parties”, noted Eric Ambuche, the founder of Slums Outreach Programme, a CBO that supported ORPP visit. 

Reli group’s representatives were full of gladness as they received donations and openly cross-shared touching experiences some which depicted a story of deprivation, pain and anguish. “Thank you for the heavenly visit today, our prayer is you facilitate our hard-working group with tools like water tanks and car wash project for our self-sustenance”, an elated Chair of the group Mildred Okoth urged.


Representatives of Reli Women group filled with jubilation after receiving life skills talks and donations from ORPP. The event was held at Mukuru Medical Missionaries (MMM) in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi.

Leaders reiterating the importance of public entities and officers to always lay programmes targeting the under-privileged   “I join my colleagues in appreciating ORPP for laudable CSR programmes like this one, as a way of sharing the privilege bestowed on us as public officers to serve our people. I commit that together with administration officials, I will strive looking for possible avenues such as corporate support of this nature to help you despite the challenges of limited opportunities’,  said the area chief. The area sub-county public officer, Mary Chiwali urging the group to continue upholding healthy practices including adhering to Covid-19 guidelines as they try to eke a living.


ORPP representatives joined by local Community based Organisation officials, local leaders and government officials


ORPP team and local leaders take a walk around the Mukuru slums to the Reli women group’s washing area

One of the way forward out of the day’s deliberations was for ORPP to further engage with the relevant leaders in the community for long term solutions to afford them a decent living. Further, it was agreed for heightened community programmes that also targets boys, to attain a balanced society in future. Currently, Reli women group has 41 members and has been registered as a self-group by the relevant authorities.