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Assistant Registrar of Political Parties (ARPP) Regulation and Compliance, Ali A. Surraw termed the work collectively attained by staff during one of the busiest year that 2022 as occasioned by the general election as heroic. In his inspiring talk during the 2022 end of year in Mombasa, Ali shared that he was elated by staff commitment and professional prowess that helped ORPP deliver and contribute to one of the most competitive general election in the history of the country.

“Stand tall and pride yourselves as heroes having personally counted and contributed to the country’s patriotic endeavor. Team, you are heroes.”, Ali appreciated staff.

The Assistant Registrar acknowledged the impact of ORPP contribution to the election naming its role as one of the second highest responsibilities in the elections. In his recollection, he further noted the need to uphold ideals to better position ORPP and progress staff professional growth as some of his lessons learned.

He underscored the cardinal necessity of teamwork, observing that team synergy not only buttresses the smart attainment of resolutions set by staff and the Office but also builds on the innovative demands of present times “ It is not only about finance, strategy, technology-which I must acknowledge we have done very well…It is about teamwork… none of us is as smart as all of us”, counseled ARRP. “Moving into the new year 2023, I urge all to embrace open communication; flexibility and reliability; innovation and diversity; leadership and motivation as some of the epitomes that we must live by as we work”, reckoned Ali.

Ass registrar Ali Surraw

Assistant Registrar Mr Ali Surraw making his closing remarks during the end-of-year staff retreat

The ARPP further reiterated for staff to always endeavor to bring solutions through their work and professional forte to both ORPP and society as a whole. “As top Management, we stand on your shoulders as staff. We must, therefore, celebrate each other, and inspire one another as we gladly serve in our respective roles”, he said.