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Vision, Mission and Mandate

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The Political Parties Act, No 11 of 2011, under section 34 stipulates the specific functions of ORPP as follows:

(a) Register, regulate, monitor, investigate and supervise political parties to ensure compliance with the PPA;

(b) Administer the Fund;

(c) Ensure publication of audited annual accounts of political parties;

(d) Verify and make publicly available the list of all members of political parties;

     (da) keep and maintain a register of members of registered political parties;

(e) Maintain a register of political parties and the symbols of the political parties;

(f) Ensure and verify that no person is a member of more than one political party and notify the Commission of the findings;

    (fa) Certify that an independent candidate in an election is not a member of any registered political party;

    (fb) Certify that the symbol intended to be used by an independent candidate in an election does not resemble the symbol of a registered political party;

    (fc) Certify that the names appearing in a party list are the names of members of the political party presenting the party list;

    (fd) Regulate political party nominations in accordance with the PPA;

    (fe) Train political party election agents upon the request and financing by the political party;

(g) Investigate complaints received under the PPA; and

(h) Perform such other functions as may be conferred by the PPA or any other written law.

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