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The end of year retreat went down from 13th to 17th December, 2022 at premier hotel - English Point Marina, Mkomani, Mombasa. As it is customary, the retreat provided an opportunity for staff to reflect on the year that was, gain knowledge from invited expert speakers, chart best strategies forward as well as share some merry.

Key to the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) supported occasion, staff were granted an opportunity to provide input to the critical draft ORPP Post-Election Evaluation report. The report puts chronicles observations, challenges and corresponding recommendations to each of the undertakings of the Office’s role before and during the August 2022 general election. These included; registration of political parties; review of election/nomination rules;legal and ICT reforms; capacity development initiatives; certification of independent candidates ; monitoring of party nominations; registration of coalition/coalition political parties; chief agents’ training, political and public education; general election monitoring among other impactful milestones.

The Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu in her address in the meeting, provided vital nuggets on staff value to the institution in line with their respective job descriptions (JDs) while gaining personal development tapped from myriad opportunities ORPP offers. While welcoming the new staff the registrar analogized the functioning of an institution to a factory, where any dysfunctional system breaks the entire chain hence rendering it impossible to realize the final product/mandate intended. “Check your JDs regularly and fit them into the Political Parties Act, 2011 where we draw our existence. Assess back every month to take stock of value you have created to the entire chain”, Registrar posed while noting if one as staff proves no value-addition, then it is the sure path of one self-rendered irrelevant and redundant.

She further enumerated the professional ethos that ORPP staff must operate in line with the ORPP approach to work where everyone is required to do their job well and innovatively and deliver beyond set timelines.

“While appreciating your commendable contribution especially in the run-up and during the 2022 general election, I call on you as a member of staff to reflect on who you are professionally and in a personal front. Look at the extent to which you have practiced professional traits such as punctuality, etiquette, dress code, confidentiality, adherence to set policies and Codes and positive mental attitude”, Registrar advised.

Moving forward, she called for staff to always endeavor for transformative behavior as guided by a raft of lessons learned in expert presentations during the meeting. She cautioned that even as all reflect not only as an institution but as individuals and wayward behavior will not be tolerated. “We have to re-invent ourselves to change our path to count to the building of greatness our country through the responsibilities placed to each one of us as ORPP fraternity”, she summated.

registrar endyear2022

Registrar of Political Parties addressing ORPP staff during the end-of-year staff retreat

In the meeting, stakeholders present noted the fruitful and cordial engagement they had had with ORPP. “Pride yourselves as you are way ahead in regulation and governance of political parties as compared to most of the countries in the world”, appreciated Gram Matenga, Programme Manager for the Africa and West Asia region in his address during the meeting. Other stakeholders drawn from the Coast region corroborated his sentiments while making remarks as they were presented with ORPP gift hampers as appreciation of sustained collaboration with ORPP. Their identification was by the ORPP Mombasa based Office team.

IDEA Country Representative

Mr Gram Matenga, IDEA’s Programme Manager for the Africa and West Asia region making his remarks during the ORPP staff retreat.

The end of year meeting was organized by ORPP’s Human Resources Management and the assisting team. In the sessions, besides reinvigorating team building engagement, staff were engaged on: Staff Mortgage and Car Loan Scheme; Public Service Code of Ethics; Overview of Retirement Benefits; Financial/Mental Wellness and Retirement Planning; Grooming Etiquette and Protocol among other edifying areas of discussion.

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