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The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties  (ORPP) has recently added 7 staff members to its human capital establishment of new staff members upon completion of recruitment and their reporting to duty at varied dates between December, 2022 and January, 2023. This was commenced on advertisements  in public media and ORPP website of the vacancies on 8th February 2022. 

In a  formal joint introductory meeting of new staff to the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu,CBS held on 11th January 2023 in the 4th floor boardroom at the headquarters, they were briefed on expectations and meaningful contribution to the ORPP to buttress its gained in line with its regulatory role.  

The Registrar in her address during the meeting underscored to the new staff the importance of staff discipline, commitment to duty and overall adherence to established staff Code of Conduct. She further urged the need for them to deliver on tasks assigned beyond the prescriptions of job descriptions. 

Pillars of ORPP

Highlighting what she deemed "Pillars” that hold the ORPP brand honorable, the Registrar pointed out that the pillars of; innovation; confidentiality; positive culture,  getting work done, positive attitude , moral values, respect for one another as some of the critical players all staff must abide by. “ A look at Office core values, one of them is innovativeness. We want an Office that can come up with new ways of improving our institution and place it in the global map and align with the era we live in. In line with the vision of being  a model regulator of political parties for a credible democratic multiparty system, we must uniquely mold the institution and make it admirable to the public and stakeholders for other corporates to emulate”, she emphasized. Further cautioning for the new employees not to breach any provisions in the Staff Code of Conduct some of which pertains to discipline, avoiding casualness and embracing professionalism in and out of work station. 

Kazi bora, si bora kazi

The Registrar further highlighted the need to get work done and diligence. “Adopt a positive institutional culture-, respect any client that comes for any service at our institution even if its not in your role to do so. Make effort to guide the customers while noting the commitments and timelines spelt out in our Service Delivery Charter. Always be honest and co-operate with one another in line of duty and manage your time well without supervision. Fanya kazi bora, si bora kazi”, she advised while giving assurance of her leadership to employee wellness contained in various support programmes at staff disposal.

The head of Human Resource, Jacqueline Kosgei called on new staff to familiarize with the ORPP Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual, 2017 and a raft of policies ahead of new staff induction exercise to be conducted in due course.  The meeting was convened and spearheaded by the Human Resources Management team.

The new staff already on duty include;  George Odongo, Susane Shighadi Mwaingo and Ifrah Issack Ibrahim (Registration Officers);Elizabeth Mutile Nguma (Customer Service Assistant); Mercy Jepchumba Kiptoo and Winnie Karimi Mbaabu (Compliance Officers) and Stephen Mogaka Ondieki (Driver).

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