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The ORPP held a sensitization meeting with 48 Political Parties that currently qualifying for the Political Parties Fund (PPF) on the commencement of the Financial Year 2023/2024. The engagement revolved around the process and distribution of allocation of Political Parties Funds to qualified Political Parties as per the conformity of the Law.

“We are happy to report that all the 48 political parties have received the funds for the last financial year. Unfortunately, some have not been able to utilize the funds due to compliance issues which raises concerns to our Office with the Auditors through financial statements. As officials of political parties we do request that you prepare accurate Financial Statements and acknowledge receipt because they form the basis of the audits” said Registrar of Political Parties.

Registrar of Political Parties informed the officials that the Office had requested for more allocation of the funds from the current percentage from the National government so that Parties would run appropriate activities more effectively and urged them to lobby for the push since they are the lawmakers and are the advantage point of making such requests.

The Senior Chief Finance Officer, Joshua Kimulu presented the analysis on the distribution processes and disbursement. He urged the officials to make fresh applications using fully filled prescribed forms PP1 and PP2 as well as present a contained work plan to the office as required by the law



Registrar of Political Parties addressing officials of Political Parties during her opening remarks at the Analysis of Political Parties’ Fund for the FY 2023/24 forum.


Distribution of Funds is according to Section 25 of the PPA which outlines; 70% of the Fund reference to the total number of votes secured in the preceding election; 15% proportionately on the number of elected Special Interest Groups (SIGs); 10% based on the total number of representatives elected and 5% for Administrative duties of ORPP.