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Close to over 8,000 persons expressed interest to work with ORPP according to the analysis of the number of job applica- tions received for the 26 positions declared in varied cadres. The jobs were advertised vide My Gov Newspaper publica- tion on 7th February, 2023 and further published on Office website and social media platforms. In the period , the job advert social media platforms and numerous digital avenues were awash of the ORPP vacancies. This was posted on 28 February 2023.

Further, a shortlisting exercise was undertaken on 8th to 13th May , 2023 and interviews conducted between 7th to 14th Au- gust, 2023. The process is at the tail end is being headed by Human Resources Management Department. In the course of the process, identified staff in different departments demonstrated team spirit supporting different aspects receiving, sorting and recording of applications; data entry, shortlisting and interviews as well as varied reports required for each stage. Once the recruitment is completed, successful candidate will be notified as stipulated in provided in the guidelines that was contained in the advertisement.


Report writing in one of the sessions in the recruitment process

The volume of applications, besides being a stark reminder of the current unemployment situation in the country, also points to the fact that ORPP is a desired brand to work for. Some of common factors that make the ORPP a desired em- ployment destination includes its credible and trusted reputation as well as a raft of staff capacity/professional building opportunities and benefits staff draw . The expressions also remind staff of the need to safe- guard their privilege to serve and remind them of the need to work diligently for exceptionality within their respective roles.

The recruitment is guided by section 3 of the Human Resource Policy which states that Recruitment process shall be on basis of fair competition and merit; representation of Kenya’s diverse com- munities; adequate and equal opportunities to all gender, youth, members of all ethnic groups, persons with disabilities and minorities.