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The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) unveiled its 2022 Post-Election Evaluation Report on 2nd August 2022. The report is a culmination of a journey toward the development of the report that commenced with internal drafting shortly after the 2022 general election. It was further subjected to a series of ORPP internal reviews, repackaging, stakeholder assessment, and its eventual validation held in June, 2023.

Speaking in the well-attended spectacle event at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi that included representatives of; political parties’, state agencies, donor partners, civil and religious outfits amongst, lauded the ORPP’s raft of initiatives in the run-up, during, and after the election stipulated in the report.


Chief Guest, Attorney General Hon. Justin Muturi speaking during the Post Election Evaluation report launch

Chief Guest Hon B.N. Muturi, the Attorney General called for the need to strengthen the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, anchoring its establishment in the Constitution . He further called for timely enactment of any review of the law to avoid experiences of rush of amendments witnessed in the last election.

“I call on relevant state arms to enhance capacity of the ORPP including its establishment in law and spread across the country”, Muturi noted.

The AG further called on respect for political parties and their organs. He noted, “We must treat political parties to better ‘hygiene’ they deserve. It is the right time for political parties to harness the moment and be counted in the progressive agenda and put forth legal reform proposals’ also as well as be actively involved in current national political discourse”


Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu address participants during the launch


Registrar of Political Parties (second right) , Chief Guest Attorney General (far right) together with invited guests launch the Post Elec- tion Evaluation report at Safari Park hotel, Nairobi on 2nd August, 2023

The Registrar Ann Nderitu while giving an overview of the report called on stakeholders to raise their responsiveness on their citizen engagement initiatives. Some of the key milestones were; legal reforms, Political Parties (membership) Regulations; ICT reengineering; countrywide sensitization; clearance of independent candidates, partnership with Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) in staging peace caravans; registration of parties; confirmation of coalitions/coalition political parties; training of party agents among others.

Assistant Registrar of Political Parties, Ali A. Surraw formulated the report as an important discourse for everyone including the stakeholders. “It is part of a continuous learning as we look at the review of our programs for better service delivery. We will have an open session and invite feedback to improve our next course of action in the next electioneering cycle," said Ali A. Surraw.

"We commit to working collaboratively in developing Regulations for coalitions/coalition, timely electoral reform, better involvement of Special Interest Groups. All stakeholders need to raise the bar engaging the citizens through respective areas of operations", Nderitu said.

Other speakers appreciated the continued partnership with ORPP. "We salute ORPP in developing publications and reports that have improved election administration and management", Joshua Changwony, Uchaguzi Platform convener. "The Steering Committee of PPLC will continue to partner with ORPP to foster amicable political dialogue. However, there is a need to continue to enhance financial capacity including the Political Parties Fund", Christopher Kilonzo, Vice-Chair Steering Committee. The young deserve political stability. We appreciate the collaboration with ORPP we had in the run-up and after the general election such as countrywide sensitization towards a peaceful political environment", National boda-boda Association. “We celebrate the vibrancy and versatility of the constitutional order in Kenya. We are in a good place and a country. We were neutral and stood with Kenyans and institutions managing elections as faith institutions," NCCK Secretary General, Cannon Chris Kinyanjui. "We must for the solidary and shared responsibility for good governance. We must create a society that respects the political rights for the citizens", Hon. John Kagucia, Member of Parliament speaking on behalf of Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

"The report elicits timely discussions and ways to improve political processes. We need to further the institutionalization of political parties and address 'political hygiene as well safeguard the interest of party members now over 24 million," ELOG, National Coordinator, Mulle Musau. "Moving forward, we will synchronize political process including submission of nomination rules and other areas identified in the report amongst political players to improve subsequent elections", Deputy CEO Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) added. “There is need for continuous capacity building for political parties and improve on citizens' engagement to the realization of political enjoyment as guaranteed in the Constitution", Vice Chairperson, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHRC)


Assistant Registrar of Political Parties, CPA Florence Birya on her closing remarks during the ceremony

The ORPP appreciated all stakeholders including staff of ORPP led by the Registrar for the synergy, and input through the development of the report.

“Your contributions have a lot of mark to the delivery of mile- stones we are celebrating today", CPA Florence Birya