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Call for enhanced advocacy for better representation of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the election was said to be key in addressing shortfalls of SIGs' optimal participation in elective politics. This came to the fore today during ELOG's convened post 2022 general symposium. Speaking in the forum, Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu appreciated gains such as legal provisions for inclusion of SIGs in the governing bodies of political parties.

"Going forward, ORPP will initiate civic engagements activities in order to achieve as part of recalibrating change in society"', Registrar noted.

Kenya's patriarchal culture and high social capital in the political contest were identified as pertinent factors for women's exclusion in elective positions and politics.


Registrar address Special Interest Group (SIGs) held on 2nd December, 2022 in Nairobi.

The deliberations were preceded by launch of the Electoral Observation Report which provides insights of SIGs participation in the August, 2022 general election.