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Ann N. Nderitu, MBS Registrar of Political Parties

Ann Nderitu is the Registrar of Political Parties in Kenya. She is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Accounting Officer of the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). The Registrar is responsible for strategic and visionary leadership for effective implementation of ORPP’s mandate of registration, regulation of political parties and Administration of Political Parties Fund. Since 2018 at which she assumed ORPP apex leadership, she has been instrumental in streamlining registration and compliance of political parties; forging strategic partnerships and collaborations; reengineering internal processes including customer service delivery models, digitalisation of all critical services and spearheaded establishment of innovative and creative human capital.

Ms. Nderitu is a seasoned public service professional with specialisation in Public Administration; Elections Management, Governance and Education. She has a vast experience spanning over 22 years in her forte with accomplished assignments locally, regionally and internationally. In varied public and cross-sector portfolios held, she has a demonstrable proven track record. The Registrar holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, Bachelor of Education (English and Literature) from The University of Nairobi; Diploma in Public Administration (Israel); Diploma in Project Management, Human Resource, Corporate Governance, Transformative Leadership among other professional certification.

She is a Certified BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator who is internationally recognised for running numerous electoral training programmes and elections observation programmes across the globe; a credential that qualifies her among the few Election Management and Electoral Training Experts in African continent and beyond. She has been a team leader in writing and publishing over 15 manuals and training guides of election and political processes in Kenya.

Ann Nderitu is also a holder of a Presidential Award- Moran of Burning Spear (MBS) as a recognition of the intense contribution to promotion of good governance. She firmly believes in justice and fairness and a keen advocate for upholding the principles of good governance. She is also zealous on shaping corporate entities to be responsive to the stakeholders’ needs and aspirations of all Kenyans through positions held in trust.

Besides being a corporate leader, she is also passionate about empowering women and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in general especially in the grassroots. She has successfully steered empowerment and mentorship programmes across the country, with many young girls and aspiring women leaders having been moulded through her impactful initiatives.




Ali Surraw AR
Ali Abdullahi Surraw, Assistant Registrar

Mr. Ali Surraw is presently the Assistant Registrar in charge of Regulation, Compliance and Capacity Building of Political Parties Directorate. He is responsible for giving policy direction as well as providing strategic leadership and supervising the technical functions of the directorate for effective implementation of the office mandate.

Mr. Ali is a public policy and governance expert. He has offered consultancy services to both county and national government agencies in the areas of policy development, public participation, public finance, strategy development and ethical leadership. He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration with a specialization in public policy analysis. He has also undertaken courses in public finance, strategic management and organizational development. Mr. Ali is a member of good standing with the Institute of Human Resource Management of Kenya(IHRM), The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) and Institute of County Managers’ Association-America (ICMA).

He previously worked as a manager with National Social Security Fund and later with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission as an Elections Coordinator. Thereafter, he worked as a County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning in Isiolo County Government. Mr Ali also served as the Executive Director for Devolution Research and Policy Centre, an organization that is involved in improving public policy making for realization of national development goals by developing capacities in public policy research as well as providing advisory and technical services on public policy issues.

His focus is on improving the credibility, effectiveness and delivery capacity of political parties. He is committed in guiding political parties to improve their internal operations so as to build public trust in them as a vehicle for representation and governance. Only by having the capacity to look ahead and anticipate developments can political parties prepare themselves adequately for new societal demands and democratic changes. In order for parties to be successful in a constantly changing political environment, focus, determination and adaptive institutional capacity are required.



 S7A2458 copy

CPA Florence Birya, Assistant Registrar

CPA Florence Birya is a qualified Accountant and a Management professional with vast experience in various functional and policy areas in the public sector. She holds a Master in Business Administration Finance Major and Bachelor’s Degree Finance Major from the University of Nairobi. She is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya - CPA (K), a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants Kenya (ICPAK) and is currently the ICPAK Coast Branch Chairperson and a member of the Devolution Committee of the ICPAK Council.

CPA Birya has held various senior management positions in the Kenya Public Sector including Finance & Administration Director, County Director of Treasury, Finance Manager, Grants Manager and Senior Accountant among others. She is an abridged trained trainer and passionately participates a lot in civic education, women empowerment, youth mentorship and church ministry. She has attained numerous outstanding achievements both in employment, professional appointments and community probona services.

requirements rights budget
Requirements for Elective Positions Rights and Responsibilities of a member of a political party  Sample Budget for an Election Campaign
 kenya coat of arms




The schedule is in line with Section 38E (2) (b) of the Political Parties Act, 2011 that requires parties to notify the Registrar their nomination particulars through publication in their respective official websites. Subsequently, ORPP is required to publish the party nominations particulars in its website. The deadline for parties to conduct party nominations is 22 April, 2022.

Here under are nominations particulars as submitted by respective parties to ORPP


Name of political party

Method of nomination

Date of party nomination

Venue of party nomination



United Party of Independent Alliance (UPIA)

 Indirect nominations

9th April 2022

Gem lane, off Mandera Road, Kileleshwa


Federal Party of Kenya (FPK)

Indirect, non-competitive nominations





National Party of Kenya (NPK)

 Direct nominations





Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM)

 Indirect nominations





Alternative Leadership Party of Kenya (ALP-K)

Indirect nominations





The Service Party (TSP)

 Indirect Nominations

11th - 20th April, 2022

Upperhill, Matumbato Road,Hse. No. 25


Umoja Summit Party (USP)


11th - 15th April, 2022




Entrust Pioneer Party (EPP)

Indirect nominations





Mabadiliko Party of Kenya (MAPK)


11th April 2022

Hurlingham Rose Avenue



People’s Trust Party (PTP)

Indirect Nominations (Choice by Board of Elections)

9th April, 2022

Cottage Hotel Hall, Machakos


Pamoja African Alliance (PAA)


19th and 20th April 2022



Chama cha Kazi (KAZI)

Indirect nominations





Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP)

Indirect nominations

11th February 2022




Umoja na Maendeleo Party (UMP)

Indirect nominations





National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)

Indirect nominations

30th March- 15th April 2022




National Vision Party (NVP)

Indirect nominations

12th and 13th April 2022

Upperhill springs restaurant hall


Party of Democratic Unity (PDU)

Direct nominations

9th April to 20th April 2022

Kenya House Complex, 1st Floor, Unit F5 Boardroom



United Green Movement (UGM)

Indirect nominations

16th April 2022

Nairobi, Nyamira, Kisii, Migori, Homabay, Kisumu, Busia, Bungoma, Nakuru, Trans Nzoia, Kiambu, Mombasa, Kirinyaga, Narok, Kitui, Isiolo, Garissa, Taita Taveta, Kericho, Tana River, Kilifi, Kwale



Jirani Mzalendo Asili Party (J-MAPK)

Indirect nominations

5th April 2022

Nalepo Meeting Hall


Farmers Party (FP)

Direct nominations




Empowerment and Liberation Party (ELP)

Indirect nominations

11th April to 12th April 2022

Karengata Park, No. 47



People’s Empowerment Party (PEP)

Direct nominations

11th to 20th April 2022

Party county branches



Maendeleo Chap Chap Party (MCCP)


19th April 2022

Party headquarters, Covenant Road Hse No. 38 Lavington



United Progressive Alliance (UPA)


19th April,2022



Section 34 (e) of the Political Parties Act, 2011 obliges the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) to; “maintain a register of political parties and the symbols of political parties”. In line with this provision, as at May 2022, there are ninety (90) fully registered political parties in Kenya whose corporate particulars are as illustrated below:

  Download list of fully registered political parties

The Political Parties Act 2011, Sec 7 states that:

(1) An application for full registration of a political party shall be in writing and shall be signed by an authorised official of the political party.

(2) A provisionally registered political party shall be qualified to be fully registered if—

(a) it has recruited as members, not fewer than one thousand registered voters from each of more than half of the counties;

(b) the members referred to in paragraph (a) reflect regional and ethnic diversity, gender balance and representation of minorities and marginalised groups;

(c) the composition of its governing body reflects regional and ethnic diversity, gender balance and representation of minorities and marginalised groups;

(d) not more than two-thirds of the members of its governing body are of the same gender;

(e) it has demonstrated that members of its governing body meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and the laws relating to ethics;

(f) it has submitted to the Registrar—

(i) a list of the names, addresses and identification particulars of all its members;

(ii) the location of its head office, which shall be a registered office within Kenya and a postal address to which notices and other communication may be sent; and

(iii) the location and addresses of the branch offices of the political party, which shall be in more than half of the counties; and 2012 Political Parties No. 11 9 Parties with certain names not to be registered. Contents of constitution or rules of a political party.

(g) it has undertaken to be bound by this Act and the Code of Conduct set out in the First Schedule.



We have eight (8) Provisionally Registered Political Parties as of April 2022.Click link below to see:

Download full list of Provisionally Registered Political Parties

 The Political Parties Act 2011, Sec 6 states that an application for the provisional registration of a proposed political party

shall be in writing and be signed by the applicant. An application for provisional registration shall—

(a) include signed minutes of the first meeting of the founding members of the political party;

(b) set out the name of the political party;

(c) if the political party wishes to use an abbreviation of its name for the purposes of this Act, set out that abbreviation;

(d) be accompanied by a copy of the constitution of the proposed political party which shall  comply with the law; 

(e) include a request for the registration of the symbol of the political party.

(f) include an undertaking to be bound by this Act and the Code of Conduct set out in the First Schedule; and

(g) be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

A political party that has been provisionally registered shall, not later than one hundred and eighty days from the date of provisional registration, apply to the Registrar for full registration.