Democracy training facility mooted

By Mutethia Mberia
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,16,2019.

An ORPP affiliate institute has been proposed. In its presentation to the Building Bridges team, ORPP has proposed establishment of a Democracy Training Institute meant to train all involved in political parties. The idea has been borne out of the realization of a yawning capacity gap inherent among elected leaders who lack requisite capacity to discharge their representational role effectively.

“The fact that 70% of elected leaders are usually one term leaders in their respective electoral areas means continuous entry training is critical”, reads a section of presentation. The Institute once established targets political parties’ aspirants, governing bodies of political parties, persons working in political process on wide spectrum of matters such as on democracy, politics, leadership, governance among others. 

The training will empower elected leaders to execute their expected roles. The proposal is in tandem with presence of such establishments in other jurisdictions such as Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea and India where the Office of the Registrar is facilitated to steer such a programme.

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