Burkina Faso political leaders conduct study visit at ORPP

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,13,2019.

The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) played host to Burkinabé delegation on a study visit in the country on the 7th August 2019. The delegation comprising of top leadership of sixteen (16) parliamentary political parties sought to gain the insights on a wide array of the country’s political landscape in areas of multiparty democracy and inclusion of the special interest groups.

The team were taken through the Kenyan electoral processes, Specific issues of focus during the meeting centred on the history and establishment of ORPP;; legal regime, regulatory and policy frameworks;; the funding criteria and allocation of the political parties Fund;; current status of political parties in the country as well as various processes and procedures that underpin operations of ORPP in regulatory mandate.


While receiving the team , the Registrar Ann Nderitu highlighted the milestones the Office had made particularly in the plaid journey of establishing political parties, which at the time stood at 68 (fully registered parties) and 9 (provisionally registered) as corporate entities, being crucial platforms for the Kenyan people in exercise their political rights. “As an independent State

Office, we have further made gains especially in advocating through legal and policy intervention participation and inclusion in political affairs for interest groups as guaranteed in our Constitution”, briefed the Registrar. Also on hand to receive the delegation were ORPP’s Dinah Liech, Joshua Kimulu, Joseph Kanja, Joel Terer, Alice Gichaga, Bonface Olwal and Lucy Kemunto.

The session also acted as a platform to cross-ˇshare experiences between the two countries on political matters towards broadening democracy in Africa. Apart from ORPP, the visiting team’s also visited other organizations such as a select political parties and The National Assembly. The visit was courtesy of Centre for Multi-ˇParty Democracy (CMD-ˇKenya)

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