Proposed party pitches ideology for ORPP scrutiny

Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; April 23, 2021

Movement United for Super Action (MUSA), a proposed political party seeking provisional registration, presented its ideology to the ORPP Name Search and Registration committee on the 21st April 2021 at the ORPP offices.

The party, whose mantra is “rasimali na kazi”, stated that it would place its foundation on the ideals of social democracy. In its brief, the party noted that it has resulted to the said ideological position after analysis of state of affairs in political and ordinary lives of the citizens in Kenya. “MUSA subscribes to; social democracy-advocating for economic and social interventions with a vision of transforming Kenya into a just, modern, prosperous nation; a country united in pursuit of equity for all Kenyans”, stated in its  ideology brief.

It further presented proposed ways in which the party will differentiate itself from the rest by developing clear and implementable programmes in all spheres of governance with emphasis on optimal resource utilization and job creation in line with its motto for true economic emancipation. “MUSA will establish, enhance and entrench sound economic institutions and fiscal policies to ensure sustainable human economic and physical development; accountable, free, fair usage of public resources and total elimination of corruption, nepotism and mediocrity”, proposed Victor Ngatia, the party’s interim Secretary General in the briefing.

The Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu noted that other than acquiring power, political party through their ideals are supposed to be the voice of the people encouraged the applicants to live up to the aspirations outlined in the ideology even as they continue the process of registering the party.


ORPP team (seated left) with interim officials of the proposed Movement United for Super Action (MUSA) party during presentation of its ideology in the ORPP boardroom

The Office guided the party accordingly on various amendments to the ideology in line with provisions of the law. “We want to see the ideological values translated and sustained within the necessary party structures”, the Assistant Registrar in charge of Registration and Field Coordination, CPA Florence Birya said as she echoed the Registrar’s sentiments.

Relevant departments and sections have been guiding the party on its strive for registration within the stipulated legal process of registration.

The presentation was part of the Office elaborate process of scrutiny of applications for party registration in a bid to ensure registration ofpolitical parties with a national character as contained in the provision ofArticle 91 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The Movement United for Super Action (MUSA) is one of the fourteen (14) proposed political parties seeking registration published in My Gov publication of the 13thApril, 2021. The notice also disseminated on ORPP website, sought objections if any, from members of public prior to their provisional registration as required by section 5(2) of the PPA.

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