ORPP on course in review of Human Resource manual

As part of ORPP’s commitment to having in place responsive Human Capital instruments, the review of the ORPP Human Resources and procedures manual, 2017 is at an advanced stage.

“The review allows sealing of gaps encountered during its implementation. You must also cater for emerging issues and practices while undertaking necessary benchmarks of applicable policies”, noted Registrar Ann Nderitu, CBS at the ORPP’s Review of HR Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual exercise on 8th to 12th April, 2024 while opening a review session by a section of staff led by the Human Resource department.

A section of staff during the review of Human Resource manual policy

The review aligns the policy with the current legal framework, regulation and guidelines in line with modern day Human Resource practices. It also seeks to improve the policy for seamless execution of Human Resource matters.

The head of the HRM department, Jacqueline Kosgei, led the exercise noted that the office will make every effort to align all its HR instruments to applicable laws, regulations and practices in the public service.

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