ORPP exhibits at the People’s Dialogue Festival , 2024 edition

The ORPP participated in Peoples Dialogue Festival (PDF) , 6th to 9th March, 2024 held at the University of Nairobi, graduation square as part of its awareness creation of its mandate  and continued engagement with stakeholders including the citizens.

Assistant Registrar, CPA Florence Birya among the panelists at the People’s Dialogue Festivals the University of Nairobi

“This forum is aimed at providing a platform for political parties and other actors on governance reforms and social economic issues to safeguard democratic gains”, said Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim, presiding the official opening of the festival. In her remarks, Assistant Registrar of Political Parties CPA Florence Birya appreciated the initiative by Centre For Multiparty Democracy terming it a platform to enhance inclusivity and transparency in the country while calling on political leaders to observe the political parties’ code of conduct.

“The subject of dialogue is going to improve the understanding of governance and social economic issues of the participants”, noted the  Assistant Registrar.

Regional Coordinator ELOG’s Mulle Musau called for continuous tracking and monitoring of the electoral processes using technological advancements to ensure free and fair elections. Various participants appreciated efforts by ORPP to ensure inclusivity including strengthening of political parties through capacity building on gender equality and social inclusion. “We call on political leaders to promote cohesiveness through collaboration among stakeholders and commitment to democratic principles of governance.” noted a participant. The People Dialogue Festival  was for the 5th year running having been inaugurated in 2019.

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