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Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,31,2019.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) appeared before the National Assembly’s select Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee on 23 rd July 2019 to present its position on the proposed amendments to the Political Parties Act (PPA), 2011.

Reg at Parliament

A section on during the presentation by the ORPP to National Assembly Constitutional Implementation

Oversight Committee at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi.

The proposals were geared towards enriching the Representation of Special Interest Group Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019 before the Jeremiah Kioni’s chaired House Committee. Key proposals were on specific provisions regarding the qualification and criteria for distribution of the Political Fund under section 25 of the PPA. Unlike the previously, clarity has been given in the amendment to the effect that the “Fund should exclusively be shared and allocated to the political parties and not the coalition of parties”. In respect to the criteria for distribution, a deletion of 25 (a) (ii) with a new of sub-section has been reccomedned to read “ 50% of the Fund proportionately shared between political parties that meet the threshold set out under section 25 (2) (c) of the Bill…” the proposal reads in part. A re-introduction of a PPA 2007, provision in allocation to special interest group has been sought. Such will provide for “as provided for under the 2007 Act, the 20% should be shared/distributed proportionately among the political parties that participated in the preceding elections in reference to total number of votes secured at the last general election by each of the party’s presidential, governor, parliamentary and county assembly candidates. Clarity has also been proposed to define the allocated funds to Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) pursuant to section 25 (1) (e) of the Bill by replacing the word “administration” with “dialogue operations”.

The proposals are part of the legal reforms that the ORPP is working on with other key stakeholders ahead of the general elections.

The Office was represented in the sitting by Registrar Ann Nderitu, Juliet Murimi (Compliance), Bon Makolwal (Legal), Joseph Kanja (Planning) and Joshua Kimulu (Finance).

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,31,2019.

An advocacy group, Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust has called on women to re-energize the agitation for full implementation of the two-third gender principle as it is currently fashioned in the Constitution of Kenya. The many years of the past struggle characterized, by polarity among key players involved in different stages was cited key reason not to relent. This formed part of the deliberations of the Trust’s organized National Consultative Forum among different players in the electoral process held on the 31 st July 2019 in Nairobi.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) being a key player, made its position known on the matter. A raft of legislative and alternative measures that the Office had progressively realized was outlined. Speaking a key panelist during the forum, the Registrar Ms. Ann Nderitu called for a continued concerted effort from all parties including the electorates to realize the thorny rule. “Cognizant of the socio-cultural dynamics of this principle, it is time for all players in the electoral space to explore other alternativesto complement the legislation efforts made. For instance, we need support mechanisms including financial, for women who had courage venture into murky field of politics but were unsuccessfully in elective positions, map out and bring them back on board”, the Registrar advised. She further noted the ORPP’s strive in ensuring there are women in the National Executive Councils of political parties as one of its deliberate effort to marshal up the required women numbers. Further, urging on women to play their part in building their own capacity to competitively qualify for the positions, citing soft attributes such as negotiating skills a critical one.

Registrar at CRAWN forum 

Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu (left) makes her submission as a lead panelist during the meeting at the
Crowne Plaza, Nairobi. Other panel members were: Ms. Daisy Amdany (middle), Executive Director CRAWN Trust and
Ms. Emmaculate Kassait, Director Voter Education, Partnerships and Communication at IEBC


Participants were of the consenting view for women to support one another and consolidate working strategies, formulate grassroots advocacy campaigns with a view of arriving at a common ground to push the agenda forward. The debate of whether or not the gender rule be a question for plebiscite amendment also played out in the animated discussions, with most proposing stay of the status quo. “Our mark in this space is to make sure there is a political cost whenever we are sidelined, since at the ‘political table’ is where far and binding decisions for the entire country are made. Special interest groups should be represented on this table”, passionately implored Ms. Daisy Amdany, the CRAWN Executive Director. A call, corroborated by her colleague Stella Agara, noting of the need for a women friendly pieces of legislation, sensitive to issues of
women, key to delivering the representation agenda. Ms. Brenda Isabel of the Electoral Law and Governance Institute for Africa (ELGIA), a continental agency supporting the forum, further noting for the need for a strategic civic education to create awareness on the subject.


Participants follow proceedings during the National Consultative Forum

A joint position paper to be presented to the Building the Bridges Initiative (BBI) was developed as part of the outcome of the day’s deliberations. Participating institutions included Independent Electoral and boundaries Commission (IEBC), National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEK), Federation of Wowen Lawyers (FIDA), Katiba Institute and various women support outfits from various parts of the country.

By Mutethia Mberia
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,16,2019.

An ORPP affiliate institute has been proposed. In its presentation to the Building Bridges team, ORPP has proposed establishment of a Democracy Training Institute meant to train all involved in political parties. The idea has been borne out of the realization of a yawning capacity gap inherent among elected leaders who lack requisite capacity to discharge their representational role effectively.

“The fact that 70% of elected leaders are usually one term leaders in their respective electoral areas means continuous entry training is critical”, reads a section of presentation. The Institute once established targets political parties’ aspirants, governing bodies of political parties, persons working in political process on wide spectrum of matters such as on democracy, politics, leadership, governance among others. 

The training will empower elected leaders to execute their expected roles. The proposal is in tandem with presence of such establishments in other jurisdictions such as Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea and India where the Office of the Registrar is facilitated to steer such a programme.

Reg at bbi

By John Arthur Mwaura
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,10,2019.


The ORPP Nakuru regional office participated in this year’s annual national Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) show held at the ASK show grounds from 3 rd to 7 th July 2019.

The officers who participated showcased the ORPP services and had an opportunity to engage on-on-one with stakeholders and general members of the public on wide array of matters pertaining its mandate.

Checking of political party membership status by members of the public continued to elicit excitement and attraction with members flocking in their numbers the ORPP to know their membership status. Queries raised such claims of fraudulent registration of some members were addressed on the spot by the able team with unresolved advise to place resignation requests as per laid down procedure. The participation is part the region’s office continuous effort of engaging and establishing strategic partnerships with varied stakeholders. 

Nakuru show

Pupils flock the ORPP exhibition stand at the Nakuru show. 


The ORPP participation in various international, national and regional trade fairs and shows provides an excellent opportunity to engage, interact as well as establish and maintain mutual contacts with relevant stakeholders. Insightful feedback received in such engagements has been integral in informing decisions for enhanced service delivery. It is significant for awareness creation to imprint ORPP, not only in urban settings but also at the grassroots.

staff at nakurushow

From L-R Bryan Alphayo, Mathew Siror and John Mwaura who represented the Office at the annual

Nakuru ASK show 


By Mutethia Mberia
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; July,16,2019.

A high court ruling over the two-third gender principle, over two years on, continues to draw opposing positions from players across in the political space in the country. The ruling stems from a suit by the Katiba Institute against Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) seeking implementation of the Constitutional provision on the gender rule. Its determination delivered on 20 th April 2017 in favour of the Petitioner, has since been a cause of difficulty, largely owing to lack of an enacted piece of legislation to actualize the requirement. 

Interpretations and implications have further caused a stir. To some, the determination was purposefully dispensed, ill-intended, bears irreconcilable contradictions, offends the free will of the people as enshrined under article 38 of the Constitution and is unenforceable in the current circumstances. To a host of others, it is the right direction towards placing the responsibility where it ought to be.

It is the magnitude of the foregoing, that the IEBC in collaboration with ORPP convened the National Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) on Thursday 11 th July 2019, to deliberate and formulate a way forward on the matter. Presentations made by ORPP’s Juliet Murimi, Bonface Olwal and IEBC’s Salome Oyugi, on the numerous provisions of the Constitution, the reading and the legal interpretations of the ruling were the premise on which participants anchored their deliberations. “We don’t want the burden of implementing this tricky directive left on political parties as honourable court ruled under disposition 85 (1), the reason as to why we are all here as concerned institutions led by IEBC to dissect the matter”, Registrar Anne Nderitu said in her opening remarks. However, she implored on all to purpose putting the needs of interest groups fore in all realms of life as a matter of responsibility not a legal obligation, a sure way for a cohesive and peaceful co-existence. Prof. Abdi Guliye, a Commissioner of IEBC, spearheading the deliberations highlighted a number of proposals he termed as progressive alternatives as efforts to realize the principle. “Since we are in this together, as IEBC we seek your indulgence in coming with solutions at this critical time of our election cycle”, the Commissioner urged. 

After lengthy deliberations, members tasked the PPLC’s Legislation Sub-Committee with administrative support of IEBC, within three weeks, to work out modalities of actualizing the agreed way forward. Some of the possible ways agreed on were to: seek appropriate further legal interpretation of the ruling, consider and exhaust other appeal mechanisms that may be, convene a further inter-agency consultative meeting between Judiciary and the Parliamentary Constitutional Implementation Committee, seek for possible staying orders to implement the ruling as well as consolidate a joint memoranda as the position on the matter by the respective political parties’ National Executive Councils.

The PPLCs is a Committee established under section 38 of the Political Parties Act operational at national and county level to provide a dialogue platform between the ORPP, IEBC and political parties.

Group photo

Participants drawn from ORPP, IEBC and political parties in a group photo during the meeting 


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