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Resignation from Political Party

A member of a political party who intends to resign from the political party shall give a written notice prior to his resignation to:

   a) the political party, if the member is an ordinary member; 

   b) the clerk of the relevant House of Parliament, if the member is a member of Parliament; or 

   c) the clerk of a county assembly, if the member is a member of a county assembly.


Resignation documents submitted to the registrar should include a copy of:

   1) Resignation letter from a member received and stumped by a political party.

   2) National ID, or Passport used to register as a voter.  READ MORE >>

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Nairobi Kenya, Monday February 20, 2017

Office of the Registrar of Political Parties will hold its fourth edition of the political parties women leadership training. The training scheduled for 22nd February to 3rd March, 2017 will take place in all the 47 counties.

“the training aims at strengthening Kenya’s political leadership that will see over 400 women leaders from political parties getting engaged on issues of  leadership, integrity and legislation, and human resource matters”, The Registrar of Political Parties, Lucy Ndung’u.  

She added that the training is one of a kind as it will equip the women leaders comply with the law in preparation for the 2017 General Election. 

Other groups that already trained in 2016 includes: Secretary Generals, Chair persons, youths, and people with disabilities. 

Download the schedule of training


schedule of training